History of Distillery

A bit of Destilerías El Tajo’s history

Destilerías El Tajo begins its activity around the middle of the XXth century in Jubrique

The distillery began its activity around the middle of the XXth century in Jubrique, a beautiful town buried deep in Málaga’s Valle del Genal. At that time, D. Diego Ruiz Romero, founder of the company and owner of one of the many stills that existed among the houses in town, got started by distilling the most extracted from the grape so that he could obtain the liquor. The activity consisted only of the production of anisette.

Subsequently, his children, the Ruiz Iborra Brothers, inspired by his good manufacturing practices, saw the opportunity of getting expanded to other markets. At first they did it, with a lot of effort, by making use of animals in order to transport the products throughout the small towns in Serranía de Ronda and lately, using a small vehicle that allowed them to meet the needs of customers located further away in less time.

Around the middle of the 60’s, filled with hope and with a lot of sacrifice, they took the decision of leaving Jubrique and looking for a more suitable location for the distillery in order to achieve its activity’s optimal development. The place had to be central, to have good connections and an infrastructure enough to be relied on in order to be able to go on.

In 1969 the industry was moved to Ronda, the capital of the mountainous area known as Serranía de Ronda, where it has stayed since then. Once here, the range of manufactured products was expanded, now also making gin, brandy and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit liqueurs.

At that time, the bottling was completely handcrafted and the staff had to fill, cap and label the bottles with nothing but their bare hands. It was not until some years after that a machine capable of filling labelling, capping and sealing more than 1.200 bottles an hour, was bought. That machine stayed in our facilities until the end of the century when, taking advantage of the reform made in industry, another one was bought in order to reach the level of European demands.

As for production, a still, which still exists, with different features to those of the one we used in Jubrique, was purchased. Differences between both derive form the fact that the one from Jubrique had much less capacity and was direct fired by using firewood while the new one, although it also used firewood, was heated by water steam generated by a stove. Halfway through the year 2000, this firewood stove was replaced by a diesel one, which also generates steam, with multiple security systems.

In the early 70’s, the Ruiz Iborra Brothers devoted themselves entirely to expanding sales areas, so they had to create a sellers network that by the end of the 80’s already covered Andalucía almost entirely. Eventually, they also covered Ceuta and Melilla and in the 90’s they already exported goods outside the European Union.

Since they arrived to Ronda, they saw themselves in the need to distribute products which were different to those they used to make and were demanded by customers. It was then when, little by little, a national and imported beverages distributor in possession of highly regarded worldwide brands was created. We include our products within this distributor. A store and a supermarket outside the distillery were also created, so our customers can use our services through sellers or distributors and now, also on-line. They can also go over our facilities, where they can find a wide variety of foodstuffs in addition to beverages.


Destilerías El Tajo puts together a business group originated in Ronda that mainly carries out the production of spirits which we complement with other activities such as distributing other, both national and imported, brands.

Our distillates are characterized by their great quality and competitive price. Thanks to this, we find ourselves in an expansion process that is leading us to start new business both in and outside Spain.


Current lines of business
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